Keynote Talks

A diverse, international slate of social media trendsetters will reveal how they use digital platforms to report their news, promote their brands, and deliver their music and films to global audiences.  Talks will focus on the broader principles of communication that can make content in business, media, and culture Go Viral.  A key theme will be how this viral content can make a positive impact on society and the world.



Go Viral Workshops will allow attendees to gain practical experience working directly with leaders in their particular industry.  Leading film directors will conduct hands-on training with participating filmmakers, and show them how they can promote their films through social media.  Digital media experts will work with journalists on reporting the news through video content.  Social media professionals will deliver practical training sessions for entrepreneurs on monetization of digital content.  


Music and Film

Independent filmmakers will screen new films, preview upcoming projects, and discuss their careers with aspiring directors.  Also throughout the weekend, U.S. and Kazakhstani musicians and dancers will present their creative work on the main stage as well as discuss how they built their audiences and monetized their creative content through social media platforms.


Video Conferences

In addition to the U.S. speakers attending Go Viral in person, industry leaders will participate via video conference to deliver training presentations and give insider tips.  Representatives of Instagram and Kickstarter are currently slated to participate via video conference.


Networking and Mentoring

Go Viral will facilitate networking opportunities all weekend long for the 1000 attendees to exchange ideas, develop partnerships, and have fun.  Attendees will be encouraged to meet people both inside and outside their area of expertise: journalists connecting with businesspeople, filmmakers connecting with musicians… A select number of participants will also have the opportunity for special one-on-one mentoring from regional trainers attending the event.  


Panels and Round Tables

Go Viral will unite diverse combinations of international speakers for exciting panels and informal roundtables that will address hot topics like Instagram marketing, detecting fake news in social media, social entrepreneurship, branding Kazakhstan, and monetizing music/film content.  More topics to be announced soon, along with the full Go Viral schedule….


Breakout Rooms

Go Viral will make “breakout rooms” available to attendees who want to continue a conversation, deliver their own presentation or meet to plan a new project. Many of the exciting interactions at Go Viral will be organized by attendees themselves, and there will be plenty of space for these independent side meetings to happen.



Kazakhstani innovators will feature interactive technology products in an open space where Go Viral attendees can experience the next generation of Kazakhstani and U.S. innovation.